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  • Why We Love Passion into Action

    “Still on a high from PIA. What an uplifting, informing, edifying, supportive event. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all women.” ~Keri Kemble
    “I know I will never be the same after listening to the extraordinary speakers Nina Simons, Kathy LeMay, Tiffany Dufu and Jean Shinoda Bolen and the great workshops I attended. What I really know though, is that our world will never be the same thanks to Passion Into Action. Bravo!” ~Mary Elizabeth Young
    “I know I will never be the same after listening to the extraordinary speakers Nina Simons, Kathy LeMay, Tiffany Dufu and Jean Shinoda Bolen and the great workshops I attended. What I really know though, is that our world will never be the same thanks to Passion Into Action. Bravo!” ~Mary Elizabeth Young
    “It WAS magical!” ~ Jennifer Hall
    “It was inspiring and fabulous all day long! It was an honor being part of the Passion Into Action Conference. It is amazing how you got the word out and EVERYONE seems to have heard about it and knew it was going on!” ~Kathleen McIntire
    “The Passion into Action conference was a gift! While the event stands on it own as a an achievement, I avidly look forward to observing and participating in the ripple event.” ~Sally Ashcraft
    “You two are awesome —love what you are doing to activate cross-generations. You are passion in action with Passion into Action a great title. I had a marvelous time.”~ Jean Shinoda Bolen
    “Walking into a room of awesome inspirational women lifted my spirits. Reinette's talk was amazing. I am consistently in awe of what you ladies can accomplish. See Jane do, Indeed!”~ Julie Gerngross Baker
    "It was the best conference that I ever attended! I thought that I was a Jane did but now feel that I am Jane redone".~ Debbie Lange
    “This was such a great event! Thank you!!”~ Jessica Eskelson
    “My Mother and I attended, it was a wonderful time! Very inspiring, and helpful to know that we are not the only woman who think like this.”~June Anderson
    “This was one of the most transformational events I've ever attended! Thank you all for inspiring all of us to get connected and change the world.” ~Linda Joy Myers "It's an extraordinary experience, Passion into Action, and I've never seen or felt a gathering quite like it." ~Nina Simons
    “The conference was amazing. It was transformative for me actually. I loved every session and made so many good connections that I can already tell are going to be very important to me going forward.”~ Stacy Malkan
    “I thought LAST year was over the top....but it felt we flew higher this year! Authenticity and Action was the take away message of the day. Thank you See Jane Do. You did it again! I hope to see this program spread far and wide, you are ready to go beyond our wee county.” ~Marilyn Nyborg
    “What’s present for me now is tremendous grateful for the many gifts and connections that were made possible through gathering these women together today. I'm already looking forward to our next event!”~ Carol Riggs Wright
    “WOW, the threads woven through the storytelling and sharing of the 2011 PIA quilt is going to live on in me forever. ~Sharon Rose
    “The conference was so wonderful I know it was the passionate energy from which you two created it. Thank you for allow me to be apart of your passion.”~Patt Lind-Kyle SO WORTH the drive up from mammoth! Thanks for passion into action and all you do. ~Km Stravers
    “I feel so honored to have been a part of the conference and it was TRULY my greatest pleasure to share this work with other women. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love to do best!” ~Lisa Schrader
    "The biggest thing I learned was that I do actually have power at 16 and the best part is that I have so much ahead of me to do something with that power." ~Chelsi, Young Women's Track, Passion into Action
  • Highlights from Passion into Action

Passion Platform: Kayle Martin, Fran Cole, Shelly Arthur & More

About Fran Cole, Nevada County Supervisor Candidate I grew up in an agricultural community in Indiana, where I learned the beauty of working landscapes and the value of community. Over the years, I have put these values to work for our community as a President of the Bear Yuba Land Trust, a board member of […]

Hayley Mynnette

About Hayley I’m Hayley Mynnette. I’m currently 16 years old, going into my junior year in high school. I’ve been interested in music and performing for as long as I can remember. I used to put on wonderful little shows in front of the fireplace; thank you mom for watching every single one without fail. […]

Ruth Chase Boudreaux: Collaborative Art- Common Thread

Time: 1:30PM-1:45PM Main Stage About Ruth Ruth Chase Boudreaux has dedicated the past 20 years of her life to the practice of art as her spiritual discipline, as well as inspiring people of all ages to discover their own inner artist. As a visionary artist teacher, who graduated from The San Francisco Art Institute, Ruth […]

Anna Thea: Yoga and Meditation

See Jane Do Slumber Party Yoga 6:00pm-7:00pm About Anna Anna-Thea is an intimacy coach. Her heart warming and inspiring teachings, filled with wisdom, will open your heart. As an intimacy coach she is dedicated to helping women live more sensually alive in their bodies and speak from their hearts. Anna-Thea has a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. […]

Susan Rosenthal: Get Out of Your Box and Step into Your Greatness

“Who I choose to be defines me. Embracing this, I create my life and opportunities.” ~Susan Rosenthal Track:  Leading Your Life Workshop:  Get Out of Your Box and Step into Your Greatness! Are you someone who can be or have all of your dreams and intentions?   Do you react to life circumstances or are you […]

Mara Hoover: Funding Your Passion-Master Your Money Mindset

Track:  Leading Your Life Workshop: Funding Your Passion-Master Your Money Mindset Are you finally ready to master your money? Mara will work with you to uncover your current Money Soundtrack and equip you with practical tools to create a brand new Money Anthem that supports the money results you really want. Join Mara in this […]

Victoria LaFont: Real Food for Real Women-Renew, Recharge and Ignite Your Body with Nourishing Foods

Track:  Taking Care of You Workshop:  Real Food for Real Women – Renew, Recharge and Ignite your Body with Nourishing Foods I’m so honored to be working with See Jane Do and Passion Into Action to present this 70 minute real nutrition workshop.  We will focus on the key foods and nutrients that we need […]

Brenda Horton: Take Action on Your Passion

“The difference between a dream and a goal is an action plan.” ~ Brenda Horton Track:  Leading Your Life Workshop: In this workshop, Brenda Horton will take you through her 5 step-by-step proven process on how to take your passions, ideas and dreams and turn them into achievable goals.   1. Envision 2. Plan 3. Act […]

Jennifer Crebbin: Change Your Life, Change Your Handwriting

“Now is the time to do the work we came here to do- step into your power!”~Jennifer Crebbin Track:  Defining You Workshop:  Change Your Life, Change Your Handwriting with Jennifer Crebbin We express ourselves through movement and share how we feel about the world.  Walking down the street, we see the joy in the young […]

Jane Rivar: Altar Your Reality- Creating Beauty

  Track:  Defining You Workshop:  Altar Your Reality- Creating Beauty Choosing form a beautiful array of treasures provided by Jane and what participants chose to bring, each of us will explore this invitation to create our own expression of beauty through a personal altar.  Our eclectic journey will include exotic fabrics, nature’s creations, rhythm/music, your […]