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  • Why We Love Passion into Action

    “I know I will never be the same after listening to the extraordinary speakers Nina Simons, Kathy LeMay, Tiffany Dufu and Jean Shinoda Bolen and the great workshops I attended. What I really know though, is that our world will never be the same thanks to Passion Into Action. Bravo!” ~Mary Elizabeth Young
    “It WAS magical!” ~ Jennifer Hall
    “The conference was so wonderful I know it was the passionate energy from which you two created it. Thank you for allow me to be apart of your passion.”~Patt Lind-Kyle SO WORTH the drive up from mammoth! Thanks for passion into action and all you do. ~Km Stravers
    “It was inspiring and fabulous all day long! It was an honor being part of the Passion Into Action Conference. It is amazing how you got the word out and EVERYONE seems to have heard about it and knew it was going on!” ~Kathleen McIntire
    “WOW, the threads woven through the storytelling and sharing of the 2011 PIA quilt is going to live on in me forever. ~Sharon Rose
    “Walking into a room of awesome inspirational women lifted my spirits. Reinette's talk was amazing. I am consistently in awe of what you ladies can accomplish. See Jane do, Indeed!”~ Julie Gerngross Baker
    “The conference was amazing. It was transformative for me actually. I loved every session and made so many good connections that I can already tell are going to be very important to me going forward.”~ Stacy Malkan
    “This was one of the most transformational events I've ever attended! Thank you all for inspiring all of us to get connected and change the world.” ~Linda Joy Myers "It's an extraordinary experience, Passion into Action, and I've never seen or felt a gathering quite like it." ~Nina Simons
    “My Mother and I attended, it was a wonderful time! Very inspiring, and helpful to know that we are not the only woman who think like this.”~June Anderson
    “What’s present for me now is tremendous grateful for the many gifts and connections that were made possible through gathering these women together today. I'm already looking forward to our next event!”~ Carol Riggs Wright
    “You two are awesome —love what you are doing to activate cross-generations. You are passion in action with Passion into Action a great title. I had a marvelous time.”~ Jean Shinoda Bolen
    “The Passion into Action conference was a gift! While the event stands on it own as a an achievement, I avidly look forward to observing and participating in the ripple event.” ~Sally Ashcraft
    “I know I will never be the same after listening to the extraordinary speakers Nina Simons, Kathy LeMay, Tiffany Dufu and Jean Shinoda Bolen and the great workshops I attended. What I really know though, is that our world will never be the same thanks to Passion Into Action. Bravo!” ~Mary Elizabeth Young
    “I thought LAST year was over the top....but it felt we flew higher this year! Authenticity and Action was the take away message of the day. Thank you See Jane Do. You did it again! I hope to see this program spread far and wide, you are ready to go beyond our wee county.” ~Marilyn Nyborg
    "The biggest thing I learned was that I do actually have power at 16 and the best part is that I have so much ahead of me to do something with that power." ~Chelsi, Young Women's Track, Passion into Action
    “This was such a great event! Thank you!!”~ Jessica Eskelson
    "It was the best conference that I ever attended! I thought that I was a Jane did but now feel that I am Jane redone".~ Debbie Lange
    “Still on a high from PIA. What an uplifting, informing, edifying, supportive event. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all women.” ~Keri Kemble
    “I feel so honored to have been a part of the conference and it was TRULY my greatest pleasure to share this work with other women. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love to do best!” ~Lisa Schrader
  • Highlights from Passion into Action


 1.    Who attends See Jane Do Passion into Action™ Experience?  You!  Women who are ready to shine and to make a difference in their lives and beyond.  You are a hero and the world is waiting for you.  Over 400 Women are expected for the 2014 Passion into Action™ Experience & See Jane Do Slumber Party.  Historically the majority of attendees reside in California with most from the Northern California area but women have traveled as far as away as Boston, Texas and places afar to join us.  Attendees range in age from 20-75 and in our teen track we cater to ages 14-18.  Men are welcome to attend PIA (sorry slumber party is only for ladies).

2.    Why Passion into Action™ important to women?  It is reported that 85% of brand purchases are made by women but women represent less than 15% in executive leadership positions and account for 22% in elected office.  In serving as a platform for the voices of women, the Passion Into Action™ Experience creates a space for women to meet, build community, network, explore ideas and transfer ideas into action.  We believe that little steps can lead to bigger changes. PIA is one step to empower women to belong, to be inspired and to ignite their passions into action.  Don’t be a Dick.  Be a Jane!  Rather than lean into broken systems, let’s create solutions together that celebrate our best selves and support a world that embraces compassion and joy.

3.    Should I purchase my tickets in advance?  Space is limited and we suspect the event will sell out.   We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance.

4.    Are scholarships available?  We have a limited number of scholarships available.  If you are interested in attending and would like to apply for a scholarship please contact Roo@seejanedo.com

5.    Are volunteer opportunities available? We have a limited number of volunteer positions available for the conference.  Please contact volunteer@seejanedo.com if you are interested.

6.    Where is Smartsville, CA?  Smartsville is located 15 miles from Grass Valley & 18 miles from Nevada City, CA.  Both are pristine, charming and historic towns located in the Sierra Foothills.  Our community revels the days of the wild-west and the discovery of gold and now features a rich arts and music scene along with outdoor adventure.  Grass Valley is approximately 1 hour from Truckee, 1 hour from Sacramento, 2 1/2 hours from the Bay Area, and 1 1/2 hours from Chico.  The closest airport is in Sacramento.

7.    I’m coming from out of town, where should I stay? The event headquarters is located at River Highlands Ranch.  You may stay at the ranch Saturday night during the Slumber Party (camp or slumber inside) or can stay at a local hotel in Grass Valley, CA.  To make reservations at the Holiday Inn call (530) 477-1700.  Other near by hotels include The Holbrooke, 212 W. Main Street, Grass Valley (530) 273-1353, Courtyard Suites 210 North Auburn Street, Grass Valley, (530) 272-7696, and Sierra Mountain Inn, 816 West Main St, Grass Valley (800) 377-8133 are conveniently located near all venues.  In the area there are many B&Bs and small hotel options: Nevada City  or Grass Valley.  More information about the See Jane Do Slumber Party listed below.

8.     Is food provided at the conference? Continental breakfast is provided on Sunday along with snacks and beverages.  Saturday: you choose what works for you.  Organic meals including salads, crepes, sandwiches & more will be available on-site for purchase.

9.    Should I attend the entire event or can I just go to the See Jane Do Slumber Party or Passion into Action? We recommend the entire weekend as it is full of phenomenal activities geared to inspire and ignite.  But, we understand that is not feasible for everyone and are offering a la carte ticket sales so you can attend where it best suits your schedule.  Participate when you can, but we recommend you purchase your ticket in advance.  We suspect the event will sell out and there are no discounts for half days.  You may also choose to participate in the Slumber Party but not stay the night.

10. Do I need to sign up any of the sessions or workshops? All registrants will receive a detailed agenda and based on the ticket you purchased you will be able to sign-up in advance for sessions and workshops.  The workshops are intended to be hands-on, experiential, meaningful, and fun. 

11. What is the dress-code? There is no specific dress-code for the event.  Dress comfortably, dress up, dress down, it’s your conference to shine and have fun!  

12. What is See Jane Do?   See Jane Do is a social change organization that redefines media for women and the power of story to create positive change.  We capture the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet and showcase women who are turning their passion into action.  We empower everyday women to be heroes in their own lives.  Today we offer a radio program sponsored by KVMR Radio, Nevada City, CA which is in the process of being packaged for syndication, our multi-media website, the See Jane Do Passion into Action Experience™ and Media Lounge.

13. What is the See Jane Do Passion into Action Experience™? The See Jane Do Passion in Action Experience™  is designed to serve women by providing education, information and tools to power their passion.  By empowering the women of small towns we see community members who are vested on a personal level and who are actively shifting the balance not only of women leadership in their communities but are affecting positive change in government, sustainability and their local economies improving their lives and others.

Forget talking heads and being the observer!  We’ve moved beyond a conference to an event that embodies a collective experience and honors and engages every participant.

In 2010, See Jane Do organized the first ever sold out Passion into Action™ Women’s Conference and expanded the event in 2011 to include an extremely well received Teen program. Former keynote speakers include Gloria Feldt, Martha Beck, Holly Near, Emma’s Revolution, Sista Monica, Frances Moore Lappe’, Osprey Orielle Lake, Lisa Kivirit, Beth Terry, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Nina Simons, Kathy LeMay, Tiffany Dufu, and Linda Tarr Whelan.

In addition to our annual conference and our current Soiree’s into Action (parties with a purpose), we anticipate launching regional PIA conferences across the country in 2014, and uniting local groups of women connecting them globally via our media program and website. See Jane Do for 2011 has also launched regional workshops and online webinars to provide tools to help support women to “turn their passions into action.”  In 2008, See Jane Do’s Co-founder Jesse Locks organized the first ever Ladyfest Nevada County. With tremendous support from our community, See Jane Do is infusing the spirit and fun of Ladyfest along with transformative tools everyday women can utilize to incorporate their passion and create a positive difference in their community and beyond.   Our website (www.seejanedo.com) houses past radio shows, articles, videos, podcasts and other news.

14. What is the relationship between Gather the Women and See Jane Do? See Jane Do partners with other organizations serving women to further programming, extend resources, impact and promote positive change in our world.  Gather the Women of Nevada County and See Jane Do have supported each other as local organizations since See Jane Do’s inception.  

15. Who or What is Gather the Women? Gather the Women of Nevada County is an affiliate of Gather the Women Global Matrix and one of some 40 regions nationally and internationally.  Their purpose is to bring women together to inspire, connect, network, collaborate, gain support and deepen our sisterhood.  Gather the Women connects women together by offering a variety of special events from film to town halls.  Each year they celebrate International Women’s Day on or around March 8th bringing over 300 women together.

16. Who do the proceeds of Passion into Action™ benefit? In support of everyday women doing their part for the planet, a percentage of the proceeds from the conference will go to a selected organization/s that are working to enhance and improve issues that effect women.  In previous years we supported Women of Worth, the Friendship Club and the Women’s Earth Alliance.  The balance of the funds supports See Jane Do’s ongoing activities including the radio show and seejanedo.com.

17. I want to help sponsor the event? We have several sponsorship levels available for businesses and individuals.  Elisa Parker at  Elisa@seejanedo.com for more information.  Click here for more information and to download our sponsorship packet and exhibitor information.

18. Do I have to be a See Jane Do Member to attend Passion into Action™?  No.  The event is open to all.  See Jane Do Membership dollars helps to support our award-winning radio show, the Passion Into Action Conference, and an array of diverse events, programs and soirees to help you turn your passion into action. Members benefit from exclusive member only events, free access to See Jane Do events and offers, early-bird registration discounts, webinars, resources and access to our member directory to network.

19.  Where should I park? Free parking is available on-site at the River Highlands Ranch.

20. May I bring my children? Babies six months or younger are welcome.  At this point we will not have on-site childcare.

21. Are men allowed to attend the event?  Absolutely.  While the event is designed for women, we suspect men would find value in many of the sessions as well.  But the Slumber Party is for women only- sorry guys.

22. Can I pass out materials at the event? Please bring your business cards!  This is an opportunity for you to connect with others and share your passion.  We ask that you not place promotional materials on chairs or tables (sharing face to face is fine).  Should you wish to further promote your business please contact us about sponsorship opportunities, advertising or space at the expo area at info@seejanedo.com

23.  I would like to cover this event or interview a keynote speaker or presenter.  Who should I contact to receive a press pass or to arrange an interview?  For press inquiries please contact Roo@seejanedo.com

See Jane Do Slumber Party FAQ

Come Out and Play! Relax and Recharge.

It’s rare that we get to hang out and play with all the incredible women in our community at the same time. Now we can!

Have you been yearning for some playtime with your girlfriends?

Are you ready to wind down from a full summer and recharge before the holidays?

Are you craving some “me” time?

Are you ready for a mini vacation only moments from your home but far enough to leave your troubles behind, have fun, relax and play?

This event was designed for you

See Jane Do Slumber Party
Saturday, May 31st-June 1st, 2014
River Highlands Ranch
Space is Limited

When is the Slumber Party taking place?  The Slumber Party is taking place following Passion into Action beginning at 5:00PM and ending approximately 11AM on Sunday.

Where is the Slumber Party located? River Highlands Ranch, 15 minutes from Grass Valley, CA. River Highlands Ranch is a magical space to connect, renew and re-charge.

The guys and kids? This is a ladies only event. For the young at heart not the youngins.  Men are welcome to participate in PIA.

What is included in the See Jane Do Slumber Party?

-Happy Hour (check in between 5PM-6PM if you’re not already there. Come at your leisure & relax on the grounds, have a glass of wine)
-Mouthwatering Treats & Organic Dinner (available for purchase)
-Talent Show: It’s Your Time to Shine
-Dance Party with DJ EP & special guests
-Beauty Bar: Face Time with Heather Donahue of Prettywell
-Campfire with SJD S’Mores
-Late Night Movie
-Evening & Morning Meditation/Yoga
-Organic Breakfast (check out on Sat. by 11:00 AM
-Massage and Energy Work

-And More

Where to Slumber?
For those of us who just can’t get enough of each other we’ll take over the floor & slumber in the Vineyard Barn (beautiful restored space).  Want to get intimate with Mother Nature, need your own space or are known to snore…pitch a tent on the lawn or sleep under the starts near the Vineyard Barn.  We encourage you to bring a tent or share with a friend.  There is ample space on the grounds to camp.  Showers are limited.

We have 4 beds available upstairs in the Vineyard Barn Suite

Quiet Zone? For those who would like to retire by 11:00PM we have a designated area to pitch your tent or sleep under the stars.

Can’t Come for the Night But Want to Hang? You may register to attend for the entire Passion into Action Experience, participate in only the slumber party or  just play during the evening. See reg fee info.

Items You Need To Bring:
-Sleeping Bag or Bedding
-Sleeping Pad
-Low Back Chair or Blanket
-Towel (showers are limited)
-Comfortable Clothing and a Warm Jacket

-Tent if you’d like to camp
-Musical Instrument to play around the campfire or for talent show
-Your favorite cocktail or beverage (we’ll provide wine, snacks and continental breakfast)

Talent Show Sign Ups: It’s Your Time to Shine

We welcome everyone to share your talents whether that’s singing a song, spoken word, dance, comedy, showcasing your band, performing your favorite skit…the stage is your’s. We’ll have time for some impromptu performances the night of but in order to make room for everyone please email us in advance if you’d like to participate in the talent show. Contact us at info@seejanedo.com

Volunteers: If you’d like to volunteer for this event please email info@seejanedo.com.

We Can’t Wait to Play and Connect with You!